Kimberly Sumpter Wax Kandy

After investing quite a bit of money on candles that were either too expensive or didn’t produce a scent strong enough for my taste, I decided to venture into candle making. That was back when I was giving my products to family and friends who encouraged me to start my business, Wax Kandy.

Thanks to the love of my life, who encouraged me to think outside the box and add something unique to my product line—I created my first photo keepsake candle, which became a huge hit! My passion for candles quickly turned into a small business that allowed me financial freedom. As demand for my products increased, I decided to take the Community Business Academy. I realized that while I had the skills to create candles, I didn’t understand how to operate and sustain a business and the class taught me how to do that.

The best part about taking the CBA was not only learning to grow and maintain my business, but also connecting with instructors and my fellow entrepreneurs. Since graduating from the class, my business has really picked up and I was able to directly apply what I learned to running Wax Kandy.

Thanks to Rising Tide Capital, I officially registered my business as an LLC and landed my products in Pookah Pure and Simple, a bath and body boutique located in Newark. I also won $7,500 to purchase a candle printing machine after pitching my business in the Start Something Challenge. I plan to continue working on my business and opening my storefront in Jersey City.

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Jersey City, NJ


(201) 702-6492

Business Launch Date:

December 2014

Business Description:

Wax Kandy, LLC is a Jersey City based candle company that specializes in the production of scented and customized keepsake candles. Kimberly D. Sumpter is the candle maker and owner. Her goal is to produce candles that are highly fragrant and beautifully crafted by giving special attention to details and customer requests. She hand pours each candle using premium quality wax, essential oils and fragrances. Because Wax Kandy LLC believes in investing in other small businesses, a large majority of their materials and inventory is purchased from such companies.

Rising Tide Capital Support:

Community Business Academy Graduate Fall 2014
Business Acceleration Services:

  • Start Something Challenge 2014
  • One-on-One Consultation
  • BAS Seminars
  • Business Registration