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  • What role does RTC play in microfinance?

    Rising Tide Capital is not a lender, but we do work with a variety of microlending partners through our Credit to Capital program. These lenders all have specializations or different emphases in their lending processes. Our goal is to provide our partners with a pool of qualified borrowers, and to match our entrepreneurs with the loan products that best suit their particular needs.


  • How is RTC strategically innovating in the microfinance industry?

    Thanks to the generous support of the Citi Foundation, we are close to completing our innovative, online loan matching platform, the Capital Exchange. The software, based on an algorithm created by our Programs team, enables entrepreneurs to objectively match their applications against the criteria of various lenders to create smart, appropriate matches between entrepreneurs and lenders, saving RTC, the lenders and the entrepreneurs both time and money.

  • How will this platform impact the future of microfinance?

    We’re intentionally constructing this tool with the capability of being licensed by other organizations in the field who share a similar approach to “Access to Capital” as ours; in fact, there has already been interest from other organizations in using this new platform.

  • Rising Tide Capital’s Annual Business Plan Competition will be open for entries June 13 though 27 June 8, 2016 (Jersey City, NJ) – The 5th Annual Start Something Challenge (SSC), a business pitch competition for New Jersey entrepreneurs will be open for entries from noon on Monday June 13 through noon on Monday June 27. The competition, which has three rounds, encourages and guides small business owners through building their social media

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  • RTC provides entrepreneurial training, including assistance with developing business plans, creating cash flow statements and marketing plans. The nonprofit focuses on proper training so that new and struggling businesses can make smart choices in the loan application process—when to apply for a loan, and which organizations to consider.

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  • Rising Tide Entrepreneur Receives Loan from the Greater Newark Enterprises A major problem small business owners face, is gaining access to capital. To help remedy this, Jersey City nonprofit, Rising Tide Capital (RTC), partners with microlenders like the Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation (GNEC), to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and microlenders. RTC continues to create innovative ways to leverage their relationships with microlenders to increase the readiness of new and struggling business

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  • How do Local Living Economies support RTC’s mission?

    A local living economy is an economy that ensures that economic power resides locally to the greatest extent possible in order to sustain vibrant, livable communities and healthy ecosystems. Our goal at RTC to help create that economy so that our entrepreneurs as well as other local small and micro business owners can grow and flourish in a just and sustainable economy.

  • What is Rising Tide doing to build a local living economy?

    Our work is multidimensional, we host an annual summit that gathers a variety of stakeholders—government officials, community organizations, nonprofits, funders, corporations and local entrepreneurs—to learn about local living economy principles and reimagine ways to work together to sustain a strong local economy within our community. Throughout the year we also chair a Local Economy Working Group of community leaders from various backgrounds that works to implement some of the solutions and principles generated at the summit..

  • How can I learn more about RTC’s local living economy work?

    Attend our next Local Living Economies summit in March 2016! For more information visit http://summit.risingtidecapital.org.

  • Rising Tide Capital offers Accelerated Coaching Services The Issue In years past, the term entrepreneur was reserved for people who had access to lots of capital in advanced markets, and were able to create massive economies of scale. Today, with new and affordable innovations in technology and alternative funding streams like Kiva, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to create value with relatively little capital; the barriers to entry with the proper resources are considerably

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  • We do this work because we believe that the heartbeat of the American Dream is not simply about access to opportunity, but about the ability to create the opportunities you want for yourself and your family. One of the reasons so many people feel as though the American Dream is outside of their reach is because its “ladders”—education, networks and financial resources—have been systematically withheld from them.

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  • On a glorious spring morning last Thursday, public and private sector partners met at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City to make commitments to stimulate economic growth and job development locally. The Ignite Institute and Rising Tide Capital partnered to host the Local Living Economies Summit, and as would be expected- assembled a tremendous assortment of dreamers and do-ers for conversation and inspiration. Panelists from the City of Jersey City, and a

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