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At age 14 I had my first job, cleaning parks and lakes during the summer in the Texas heat. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I’ll never have to do this again when I get older!” I thought I would have a fulfilling career when I became an adult, but after working several years in corporate America, I couldn’t imagine myself working for someone else my entire life.

So, since the ideal company didn’t exist for me, I decided to create it for myself.

In 2008, I moved to NYC from Dallas, TX with $22 in my pocket and a dream. I had countless obstacles I had to overcome. I struggled for several years to market myself and my company, UNIVERSE KONADU. I was frustrated and very close to throwing in the towel.

Rising Tide Capital helped simplify the business terms and offered a hands-on practical learning experience to help me along my entrepreneurial journey. They were monumental in my professional development and made me believe in myself again. I graduated from the class confident in the future of my brand and ready to build my empire!

Now, I am running a thriving business that empowers girls and women through literacy, visual and performing arts. We offer comprehensive programs and services with an emphasis on self-love, education, community and economic empowerment through entrepreneurship. I really love the work we do because we get to see the ripple effects it has on families and ultimately the community. Most importantly, we are creating jobs!

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Jersey City, NJ


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UNIVESE KONADU is an evolutionary global arts-mentoring company that provides arts-centered programs and services. We empower girls and young women through literary, visual and performing arts emphasizing self-love, education, community and economics through entrepreneurship.

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Community Business Academy Graduate Fall 2013

Business Acceleration Services:
• One-on-One Coaching
• BAS seminar