Sunday, October 04, 2015
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Who can participate in the Business Acceleration Services (BAS) program?

Anyone may schedule a coaching session with an experienced business coach and attend Rising Tide Capital’s semi-monthly seminars that address a variety of topics relevant to small businesses.

Rising Tide Capital’s Help Desk, master classes, grant competitions, and other exclusive events are only available to graduates of the Rising Tide Capital’s Community Business Academy.

Do I have to be actually “in business” to benefit from RTC’s business acceleration services?

No.  You do not have to be making sales or have registered your business to take advantage of Business Acceleration Services.  Whether you are in the conception and planning phase, are in start-up mode, or are looking to grow your existing business, our services are designed to assist and provide value at all stages of business development.

How can RTC help me get access to business financing?

Although RTC does not lend money directly, we can refer you to the appropriate lending institution based on your qualifications and current financing needs.  Via 1-on-1 coaching, we can assist you throughout the loan application process with the following:
     1. Assessing your readiness for small business financing
     2. Understanding the terms and conditions of loan product(s)
     3. Advising on what loan products or offers best suit your needs
     4. Drafting your business and/or personal financial statements

RTC is also a resource for information regarding “non-lending” sources of money, such as self-financing, private investors, Crowd Funding or IDA/Matched Savings Accounts for those who may not qualify for a small business loan.

We also host small business grant competitions throughout the year, available only to graduates of The Community Business Academy, where entrepreneurs win as much as $1,500.00 in cash or in-kind services.  RTC also connects entrepreneurs to larger, national grant programs.

How much do BAS services cost?

1-on-1 Business Coaching $25 per hour (your first 1-hour session is free)
BAS Seminars   $15 per seminar
(CBA graduates pay discounted rates for these services)


How can I access discounted services, exclusive events, grant competitions, and the Help Desk at Rising Tide Capital?

Upon completion of Rising Tide Capital’s 12-week, small business training program, The Community Business Academy (CBA), you are entitled to discounted services and exclusive opportunities that all CBA graduates can access. 

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