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Entrepreneur Profiles & Testimonials

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Stacey Hyatt-Dixon- Making My Dreams Come True


"My passion for design stemmed from my mother who taught me how to sew my own dresses at a young age.As I grew older, she taught me how to cut patterns and put pieces together to make my own creations. The independence and the ability to be creative encouraged me to take sewing classes and shop for fabrics." Read More.

nicole little

Nicole Little  - Taking My Power Back 

"Overcoming domestic violence doesn’t mean you should no longer trust in others; it means you should learn to trust in others who care about your well-being." Read more. 

geoffrey allen 

Geoffrey Allen - Beginning my Relationship with Rising Tide Capital

"Whenever I need to solve a problem I drive around with no destination in mind and one day while doing that, I saw a banner in front of Jersey City’s city hall for “Global Entrepreneurship Week”. The event started in three days, so I went home and Googled it. To my surprise the events were being held in Jersey City and sponsored by Rising Tide Capital which is only 5 blocks from my house. I had to attend." Read More. 

cassandra scrimmager

Cassandra Scrimmager - A "Sweet" Start

"Nearly 15 years ago, I caught the entrepreneurial bug. I quit my job and started a personal chef service and party planning business. Both businesses failed. Rising Tide Capital wasn’t around back then. I ended up on welfare for the first time in my life, but as a single mom, I couldn’t just give up." Read More. 


Moira Brett - Winning $10,000 in the Start Something Challenge

Moira never intended to become an entrepreneur. In fact, she discovered her idea by accident when she messed up a batch of homemade soap one day. She tried the concoction on her legs and realized she had discovered a recipe for shaving cream. Today, Moira is in business as the founder of GreenShave. Read More

Dorothy David

Dorothy David - 20 Years Later, Living Her Dream

From a young age, Dorothy loved numbers and over 20 years ago, decided to go into business as an accountant.  She became certified as a tax consultant and went to school for business administration; but while studying at college, she was confronted with a life event which delayed her plans. Diagnosed with breast cancer, she was forced to leave college without graduating. While most people would have been deterred, Dorothy persevered. Instead of giving up, Dorothy worked harder to grow her dream business, D.M. David Tax Services. Read More


Elizabeth Migliore - Spicing up the Veggie Burger

After witnessing her vegetarian husband's limited food options, the idea to start a vegetarian burger line popped into Liz Migliore’s head.  With her husband as the official taste-tester, and Rising Tide Capital as her guide, Migliore perfected her vegetarian burger. In 2012, she founded Jersey City Veggie Burgers, an all-natural, preservative-free line of savory, vegetarian burgers. Fresh ingredients and spices flavor her burgers so “they don’t need to be smothered in ketchup to taste good”. They are sold frozen in packages of four. Read More


Lori Childs - Better Credit, for a Better Life

When Lori Childs took the Community Business Academy, she knew she wanted to create a business that would make a lasting difference in people's lives. With her background in real estate, she thought she might open her own real estate company but while taking the CBA, her plans changed directions. Today she is the proud owner of BCBL Credit Repair Solutions LLC, a business which helps clients improve their credit score so that they can live a better life. Read More


Bhaier Ramsing-Lance - From Babysitter to Businesswoman

Moms’ Choice LLC, a company which matches clients with local caregivers, officially launched in Jersey City during a ceremony at the Mary McLeod Bethune Life Center on May 15. The company was founded by Bhaier Ramsingh-Lance who moved from Trinidad to the United States twelve years ago. When she arrived, she first worked as a babysitter but eventually took a job in the corporate sector. During that time, she discovered a need for a service that could match customers with the perfect care-giver. Read More


Angela McKnight - Bringing Compassionate Care to Seniors

Angela McKnight’s daily life is a testament to her passion and commitment to improving the lives of senior citizens. When she’s not helping her elderly clientele pay their bills or purchase the right medications, this Rising Tide Entrepreneur is busy organizing activities for seniors or leading workshops to empower youth to care for the elderly.

“Too often our society forgets about seniors,” said McKnight, the CEO and founder of Care About You, “But we have to remember that they’re the reason we’re here, and that they deserve excellent care. Read More


Corin Wright - Her Style Haven

Only two months after graduating from the Community Business Academy, Corin Wright celebrated the grand opening of Style Haven, her boutique in Montclair, New Jersey. Not your typical vintage and second hand clothing store, Style Haven offers an array of services, ranging from clothing alterations to style consulting tailored to each client’s need and budget. Read More


Bernard Hendricks - Unlimited Possiblities

The owner of Unlimited Cleaning, Bernard Hendricks, has been a longtime client of Rising Tide Capital. Born and raised in Orange, NJ, Bernard settled in Jersey City with his wife after getting married. Before his current job with New Jersey City University’s (NJCU) housekeeping department, Bernard held a variety of jobs, but always wanted to open his own business. Read More


Qiyamah Singletary - Her Business is Beauty

In a sea of beauty products, Immaculate Collections stands out with natural ingredients like African shea butter, mango seed extract and essential oils which founder Qiyamah Singletary hand-selects from an organic farm in Illinois and traditional markets in Egypt. Today Immaculate Collections products are sold at several stores around Northern NJ, but the eco-friendly business began with a personal commitment to a holistic lifestyle and a haircut. Read More


Maripili Rodriguez - Next Wave Fitness Takes a New Approach to Weight Loss

Lifestyle coach Maripili Rodriguez has taken her business Next Wave Fitness to the next level in 2012- not only with a new corporate image, but more importantly, by creating a holistic program to promote sustainable weight loss. Once focused primarily on fitness, Next Wave Fitness has been reorganized to offer programs that take a more comprehensive approach to women’s health, and has been rebranded to suit this new business focus. Read more


Chelo Mercardo - Jersey City Entrepreneur Supports Local Rising Artists and Performers

The owner of several businesses and a professional flame thrower, Chelo Mercado, is a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur”, but in Jersey City, he is best known as the founder and owner of the Grassroots Community Space. Each night, the one-room studio on the corner of Coles Street comes to life with performances and classes from zumba to acupuncture- all led by rising local performers and artists. Read more


Betty Grant - Something's Brewing at Rising Tide Capital

The road to entrepreneurship wasn’t easy for Betty, who grew up in a single-parent home in the projects of Jersey City. As a child, Betty often heard the phrase, “nothing good comes out of the projects”, but with the support of her mother, she graduated at the top of her high school class and went on to study at Howard University. Today she is a graduate of the Community Business Academy and the CEO of The Gran Tea Company, a family business based out of her home in Jersey City, NJ. Read More


Stephanie Wilson - What's Really Cooking

When Stephanie Wilson first began selling her homemade spice packages and sauces, the price tag barely covered the cost of making the concoctions but more often, Stephanie found herself giving her creations away for free. An avid volunteer, she cooked for women she mentored, made snacks for her son’s football team, and delivered meals to senior citizens at the local nursing home. But when hard economic times hit and raising her three children became a struggle, Stephanie began to wonder if she could use her talents to turn a profit. That’s when she heard about Rising Tide Capital. Read more

stephen and alfa

Stephen Miller - An Artist With an Entrepreneurial Dream

Whether he’s in New Jersey, New York, or even California, Rising Tide Capital entrepreneur Stephen J. Miller knows how to leave his mark, as the artistic qualities that he possesses are a rare quality. Using his experience in the worlds of fashion, design, architecture, and carpentry, Miller combines the four to produce beautiful work that anyone can truly appreciate. His business, SJM Furniture, is a vehicle for selling his products, creating an awareness of his work, and building clientele. Read More


Beatrice Johnston - Beatrice's Brand Excitement

Beatrice Johnston officially registered her company in Hudson County on January 8 2010, the day after she graduated from the Community Business Academy. Her business, Brand Excitement, offers affordable brand identity and support, social media set up and maintenance, web site design, and project based consulting solutions to small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Less than three months later, she has two major projects, as well as three contracts for monthly services. Read More


Gillian Allen - Gillian's Healthy Food Mission

Growing up in a family where nursing is the prominent profession, it seemed natural that Gillian Allen would follow in her family's footsteps. However, Gillian, who says "medicine is not my thing," decided not to take that route, and after 20 years of continuing her education and working in the corporate world, she has finally found her niche. Read More


Winston Trumpet - Graduate Returns to the CBA, this time as an Instructor

Community Business Academy (CBA) alumnus and entrepreneurial-success, Winston C. Trumpet, will return to the CBA this fall as the newest instructor for the Jersey City class which offers hands-on business training for aspiring small-business owners. Read More


Kandice Odom - Stitching Their Way to Success

Seeing her newborn granddaughter lying in an incubator in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit with an old, torn blanket atop of it in an attempt to block out excessive light, Jersey City native Jacqueline Odom knew she had to do something about it. Jacqueline, who had been crocheting for the majority of her life, decided to utilize her crotchet skills and create a beautiful blanket to cover the incubator. Before she knew it, she was making over 40 blankets to donate to the hospital and Simmy's Stitches was born. Read More


Susie Caughey - Lasting Impressions: Susie Caughey's Experiences with Rising Tide Capital

At Rising Tide Capital (RTC), a strong emphasis is placed on the participation in Business Acceleration Services (BAS) activities both during and after completion of the Community Business Academy (CBA). Some students choose to participate more than others, and naturally some students walk away from these seminars feeling truly enlightened and educated. Meet Susie Caughey, a graduate of the Spring 2011 CBA and an already big fan of the BAS seminars. Read More


Catherine Frazier - On Higher Ground

Driven. Determined. Destined for success. Rising Tide Capital (RTC) graduate Catherine Frazier is one woman who exemplifies all of the above and is ready to embark on her journey to success. With a heart of gold, and a passion for real estate, Catherine is ready to soar to new heights with her real estate development company, Higher Ground, LLC. Read More






Rafael Cruz - Rafael's Resolution

For years, Rafael Cruz was ambivalent about what career decision was best for him. A graduate of Williams College, the Queens, NY native moved to Jersey City several months after college. In exploring his options, Rafael discovered a talent for video production and editing, landing him freelance opportunities at, The Onion, and now at major advertising firm, RAPP. However, even with these positions that gave him some freedom while allowing him to make ends meet, Rafael knew that there was a greater calling to his life: one that he believes is down the entrepreneurial path. Read More


Mona Fitch-Elliot - Mona's Adventure in Learning

With a passion for education and a commitment to empowering today’s youth, Rising Tide Capital (RTC) entrepreneur Mona Fitch-Elliott is setting out to prove that learning is an excellent adventure with the start of her new business, Excite Write Education Services. No stranger to the world of education, Fitch-Elliott had been a teacher for six years on the high- and middle school levels before her career took an unexpected turn for the worst last summer. Read More


Beverly Williams - Bus4Us is on the Move!

When Beverly Williams’ husband, Stephen Hinchey, became unemployed, they decided to view the situation as an opportunity to start a new business. Both in their 50s, Beverly and Stephen felt that whatever business they started should be one that they could continue to run after retirement.  After much thought and deliberation, they came up with Bus4Us, a service that provides transportation for children to and from school, after-school activities, and school trips. Read More


Cherese Bracey - A Role Model for Literacy

When talking with Cherese Bracey, CEO of Reading Reaps Rewards, one is immediately struck by her passion for children and literacy. With 18 years of experience in early childhood education, which includes training in Kindermusik, Bracey has not just honed her teaching skills, but she has also used her creativity to develop a full-fledged program designed to make reading interesting and fun for children.  She firmly believes that if children learn to love reading and respect books from an early age, they will develop habits that will last a lifetime. Read More


Jorge Diaz- Jorge's American Dream

Living in a world that revolves around technology, it pays to be tech-savvy. For Jorge Diaz, a computer genius with years of experience in teaching others the ins and outs of technology, it only made sense for him to use his expertise to start his own business—JD Tech Solutions, an IT consulting firm offering technical assistance to businesses in the New York Metro area. Read More


Daba Briggs- Daba's Decision

Starting a business requires character, the risk-taking, passionate spirit of an entrepreneur; maintaining and growing a business, on the other hand, requires precise decision making and business skills. Feeling that she lacked the necessary skills to become the entrepreneur that she truly wanted to be, Daba Briggs attended the Spring 2011 session of the Community Business Academy to get her business, Moksha Shop, on track. Read More


Terriann Jackson- Terriann Jackson's Got GAME

Starting a magazine is no easy task, but Terriann Jackson (graduate of the 11th session of the Community Business Academy) is up for the challenge with her new project, GAME Magazine:  the Entrepreneur Entertainment Magazine. After gaining the help that she needed from Rising Tide Capital (RTC), Terriann is using GAME Magazine as her way to give back to the entrepreneurial community. Read More


Darryl Love- From NBC to RTC, Darryl Love's Journey to Success

There are people who go through their entire lives without ever reaching or tapping into their true potential. In contrast, there are others who use the skills and talent that they have and work extremely hard, enabling them to soar to new heights and turn their dreams into realities. For Darryl Love (CBA 20), failing to live out his dreams was never an option. Today, Darryl is the owner and executive producer of Nightshift Multimedia Studios, LLC (a full service video production and audio-visual services company located in Bloomfield, NJ); however, this business venture is only the latest chapter of a career spanning over two decades marked by success and distinction in the highly competitive field of television production. Read More


Dylan Evans- Dylan's Dream for Jersey City

How many people see something that they would like to change in their communities, and ever do something about it? Dylan Evans is one of those few inspiring people. He is making his dream of bringing the diverse Jersey City community together around public, accessible art come true with every new mural he curates through the Jersey City Mural Arts ProgamRead More


Carlos Sanchez- Carlos IS Free Enterprise

On Monday June 7, Carlos Sanchez, entrepreneur, fitness coach, blogger and Community Business Academy (CBA) graduate, was taking his daughter to school when he received a phone call from the US Chamber of Commerce. To his surprise, he learned that he had won a $50,000 grand prize in the “I am Free Enterprise” video contest- a competition he first learned about through the Rising Tide Capital newsletterRead More

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