Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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How has winning $7,500 in the SSC helped Kimberly's business?

                                                      Kimberly Checks

June 27, 2015--Rising Tide Entrepreneur and owner of Wax Kandy won the second place prize of $7,500 in the Start Something Challenge. Based in Jersey City, she offers handcrafted, scented customizable candles for individuals and corporate groups. She used her passionate story and organized business plan for success to pitch her way to second place. Let’s see how things with her business is going!

2014 SSC Champ Ninotchka Johnson Uses $10K to Grow Her Business


June 16, 2014--In the 2014 finals of the Start Something Challenge, Ninotchka Johnson won $10,000 after delivering a passionate pitch about her hand-made accessory business, Top Notch By Design. She used the grand prize to update her mobile storefront—the Bus n’ Boutique—and enter fairs that she previously wasn’t able to afford. This allowed her to reach more customers, market her business and participate in fairs and events. She also graduated from the Community Business Academy this past June! We reached out to Ninotchka to see how her business is doing:

Catching Up With 3rd Place SSC Winner Joanna Chmarzewska!

                                  Joanna Check

June 16, 2015--Last year, Rising Tide Entrepreneur and owner of Crazy for Italia won the third place prize of $5,000 in the Start Something Challenge. In addition to providing information about Italian culture, she also sells the Seabag. The Seabag is the perfect solution for beach-goers and water sport lovers who need a 100% waterproof protection for their valuables. She used the cash prize to create marketing materials for her product. Let’s see what she’s been up to this year!

The Four Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Registering Your Business

So you have a great business idea. You’ve perfected your product or service, you have a business plan, and you know all about managing cash flow and you know how to market your business. Not to mention you have just enough money in your savings to get this idea off the ground. That’s great! Now that all of that planning and preparation is taken care of, all you need to do is register your business and you can really get started. Easy, right?

Well, not necessarily. For first-time business owners, this step can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you have found the answers to these five questions, you’ll be prepared to take that first step into the world of owning a legal business.

Risk vs. Reward: Why Investing in Small Businesses is Worth it

I come from a family with a history of entrepreneurship. My grandfather owned a Brooklyn luncheonette, my aunt currently runs a website development company, and my mother used to sell her handmade crafts and costumes at art shows. So when my sister told me about her dream of opening a restaurant, I never doubted her ability to do so successfully.

Its been a while since she told me about her idea, and she still talks about it, but there still hasnt been a grand opening. So whats been holding her back?

Its too expensive.

What did I have to say to that? In my ignorance, I said you could get a business loan.

Oh how little I knew of the world of microbusiness lending. Its been increasingly difficult for small business owners to get the capital they need in order to get their businesses off the ground, and nearly impossible for startups.

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