Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Are You Thinking Too Small and Dooming Your Small Business To Failure?

One problem that many small business owners run into is simply thinking too small. I often have readers writing to me asking for help getting their business ideas off the ground. I also often hear from folks who have run their small businesses into the ground. 

There are five key areas where you can think too small -- and doom your business to failure.

5 Ways You Can Maximize Your Business Through Collaboration

Entrepreneurs are a notoriously independent bunch. If you didn't believe in your unique vision, you wouldn't be driven to bring your business into being! But there are some ways you can achieve more as part of a group than on your own.

Shared Connections

Rising Tide Capital offers entrepreneurs a wealth of opportunities to connect with like-minded businesspeople. Through these connections, you can find mentors, share tips, cultivate creativity, and stay in touch with fast-changing markets.

Four Ways to Be a Localist in Your Community

Have you ever wondered about what you can do to make a positive impact on the local community around you? It turns out that there’s a lot!

To get started, think about changing the way you shop. Instead of buying food from a large chain supermarket, consider going to a local farmer’s market, or maybe a locally-owned food cooperative. Or, instead of keeping your savings in a big bank, look into a community credit union. Doing these things helps to keep money flowing within the community, instead of letting it leak outside. In fact, just redirecting a small amount of your purchasing to local businesses can have a huge impact down the line. According to a study conducted by Local Works and Civic Economics, moving just 10% of your purchasing to local businesses in a major city creates 1,600 new jobs

The Bravest Woman I Know

Justyna family

“The world is remade through the power of fierce women performing outrageous acts of rebellion.” - Louise M. Pare

Every year around International Women’s Day I find myself thinking about an amazing woman whose life continues to have a profound effect on me. Her story begins many years ago in Poland, where she and her husband made the decision to file for bankruptcy and close their small business. Faced with a harsh reality and lack of economic opportunity her husband immigrated to the United States in search of a better life for his family. She remained behind with three small children, living on $200 a month, and awaiting papers to join her husband in the US.

What Does Black History Month Mean to African American Business Owners?

In honor of Black History Month Rising Tide Capital reached out to successful African American entrepreneurs to ask, "What does being an African American business owner mean to you during Black History Month?" They shared their thoughts below:

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