Sunday, September 21, 2014
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Entrepreneurship In The New Labor Movement


Many entrepreneurs that come to Rising Tide Capital already have jobs. They start businesses while they are working, because their salaries cannot sustain their families. Yesterday was Labor Day, a day that celebrates the achievements and cultural impact of the Labor Movement, and I couldn’t help but ask, “Why?”

Today’s workplaces are not our parents’—technology, hyperconnectivity and a global economy have created a new work culture. How relevant are concepts like the 8-hour workday, or even the weekend in today’s economy? In a market where there is steady unemployment, particularly amongst “low-skilled” laborers, there are very few options.

Working while you build a business is not necessarily the ideal solution--in some ways it’s just more work in an attempt to keep up with the rising cost of living. But entrepreneurship does answer some of the questions left unanswered by the erosion of today’s Labor Movement in our society.

The Three I’s of Social Media: Information, Interaction, Inspiration

Each social media platform has its own quirks and niches. Here’s what Facebook (FB), Instagram (IG) and Twitter are best for:


       Running and promoting events

       Sharing links

       Sharing big updates


       Live, chatty updates

       Sharing links

       Interacting with fans and other companies


       Photos: Action shots, new products, event photos

       Promotions: Collages of your best products, specials, etc.

       Specials and Giveaways: Images people can share to promote you


Improving the Patient Experience for All

geetaAfter working in healthcare for a little over 10 years, Geeta Trikha Davies decided to use her expertise and entrepreneurial talents to form an organization that would improve the patient’s experience in physician’s offices. Just last month, she transitioned out of her work in the hospital to pursue her business, Geeta Davies LLC., fulltime.

Making Healthy Choices


Like most entrepreneurs, Jersey City resident Wanda McClinton started a business to offer a solution to a major problem. Through her business Liver Loverrs, Wanda provides an organic, natural liver support supplement that she hopes will reduce the probability of liver related diseases associated with regular alcohol consumption.

Bringing Elegant Events to Northern New Jersey

charnelleAfter growing up watching her parents plan parties and friends’ weddings, Charnelle Bain came to love the process of event-planning. That love would later grow into her business, Simply Elegant Events, which she runs with the help of her two daughters and husband Chef Randie Lynn.

“I just fell in love with making things look beautiful and bringing a level of elegance to the simplest affair.”

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