Friday, October 09, 2015
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At Rising Tide Capital, we believe that the best way to revitalize local economies is to support the entrepreneurial energy and talent that exist in every neighborhood. This is why we work with a growing community of like-minded entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tool and skills they need to grow successful businesses. When they succeed, they not only generate income for their families, but also create a ripple effect when they pay taxes, source locally and hire employees. In fact, if just one in three small business owners hired one additional employee our country would be at full employment.

Rising Tide Capital’s programs provide entrepreneurs with:

  •          Knowledge Capital- affordable classes  that teach entrepreneurs how to plan, start and run a business;
  •          Social Capital- professional coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs and local business experts; and
  •         Access to Financial Capital- guidance on financial planning and accessing funding.

Because we also believe in building more business-friendly environments, we frequently collaborate with other organizations to provide new opportunities that support business growth.

Funding for Rising Tide Capital is provided by government, corporate, foundation and individual philanthropists who believe the mission of the organization is a core strategy for long-term poverty alleviation and economic revitalization. Their investment in high-potential entrepreneurs helps us to promote the growth of financially independent individuals who are creating strong local economies.

Our model for supporting local entrepreneurship has received national recognition—from President Barack Obama to the Association for Enterprise Opportunity. Selected as a 2009 CNN Hero, we’ve also received national media exposure from Forbes,,, Bloomberg Business Week, and CBS. More importantly, our programs have resulted in stronger local businesses, improved household incomes, local job creation and reduced use of public assistance. These are the real measures of our success. 

If you are interested in our programs or in supporting our work, please contact us today.

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